Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept brand new students?

Yes, most of our trainings have brand new student program. Even when a student comes with some experience we always go over the basic techniques first, since a lot of times we find imprecise execution at the basic level which impares the performance at a more advanced level, and prevents the student to achieve the mastery. Therefore, it is frequently beneficial to take our trainings with no experience so we can give you proper hand placement and patterns.

Please note at sign up if you are a novice.

Can I start working on clients right after a training?

It depends. If you are a student who has performed the same treatment on customers before, and took a training to refine your technique - than absolutely you are welcome to start right away.

If the training you took is on the procedure new to you, than we would highly recommend to put in some practice hours before introducing the treatment to your paying customers. Your coach will be able to assess you level and recommend the appropriate time frame. If it is possible, it would be highly beneficial to take one-on-one practice day with the coach. We found that this investment pays off the most, you will accelerate at increasing your performance and will be ready to work days before you would if you practiced on your own (meaning you can start making money sooner!).

How are you different from other beauty schools?

AskCares Academy is an absolutely unique platform since we offer “all-inclusive” beauty industry assistance. These days its not merely enough to learn how to do a facial, you will never be able to compete with numerous other aestheticians. What we teach in Ask Cares Academy is how to provide highest quality diverse treatments to your customers and in return generate a fare income for yourself.

We are way more than a beauty school! There are business and marketing trainings available on how to actually make money and set up your own practice with your new acquired skill. Your passion should be profitable!