AskCares Academy graduation

 With increased self-awareness and availability of new treatments, beauty salon industry is booming more than ever.

Your customers in USA are projected to spend close to 11 billion on skin care services alone in 2019

Point being there is a lot of money to be made. The more qualified you are and the more diverse your set of skills are the more likely you are to succeed.

However, in these days it’s not enough to be an excellent professional. You need to know how to market yourself, and how to set up or run a proper fiacable business.

AskCares Academy walks you through all the steps to get your on the path to success.


How can we help you win?

Learn Or Further your Skills

Treatment options and quality of execution are paramount to your customers. Advance your knowledge and obtain invaluable insides. It is not enough to just graduate from a beauty school any more. Your customers are looking for that cutting edge innovative treatments that are not offered there. At AskCares Academy you can get certified online or come in form a live training and start offering these new desired services in no time.

Create Your Own Brand

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open your own business? To own a successful salon, maybe branch out in few years? We can absolutely help you with that. Our team will guide your through all the process starting from registering your business to finding the right space, to acquiring all the necessary equipments.

Learn How to Market Yourself

Weather you are working for yourself or striving to be the most desired employee with rapidly increasing income, there are very important marketing tools you can utilize today to increase your value on the market as a service provider. AskCares Academy will guide you through the process, analyse your social media presence and content, evaluate your strategy to pinpoint any missing revenue streams.